25 Random things you didn’t really want to know about me.

1. I was married at age 19 and separated by 23 but my divorce wasn’t finalised until five years later.   I kissed the bailiff when he arrived on my doorstep with the papers to sign.  Yes, it’s true!  He admitted he’d never had that response in all his years in the job afterwards. :oops:

2. I survived my childhood by believing everyone had some good in them – no matter what.  I still use it as my default setting today.

3. I have owned a grand total of five dresses in my lifetime – four were bought by my mother – I would live in jeans and t shirts happily for the rest of my life… and I pretty much do.  I was married in a two piece suit. And no, I don’t wear skirts either. :-P

4. I am a pacifist and struggle with conflict on all levels.

5. I nearly died at 16 when I slipped at a local creek whilst it was in full flood…  I was dragged into an underwater tunnel by the strong current and nearly drowned.  Two friends saved my life.  I was indeed lucky to get away with merely a severe case of shock, a large gash on my forehead (which I still have the scar from today!) and concussion. :-?

6. I prefer savoury foods but sweets are my baking talent, particularly pastry and breads. :-|

7. I detest make-up and rarely wear it.  If I do, it must be completely natural, environmentally friendly and simple.

8. I have a Diploma of Fashion – because I didn’t want my mother to teach me to sew.  I also have a certificate in IT. *whistles*

9. I am a huge fan of the comic strip, Peanuts…  I even have a Snoopy decal on my Macbook.

10. I always carry a deck of playing cards with me. A habit started by my father when I was a child so I could play Patience.  I know at least 10 different games of Patience!  The other item I always have is my Nintendo DS… covered with Snoopy decals. :-)

11. I don’t have any idea what I want to be when I grow up but I’m sure I’ll find out one day. *fingers crossed*

12. I am hypersensitive to everything, from touch to medications, sound, taste, light and other people’s thoughts and emotions. :-?

13. I hated Phys Ed at school and went to elaborate efforts to get out of it each week.  Somehow, I became addicted to gym workouts in my 20′s.  I damaged my left knee leg pressing 120kg of weights. :-x

14. I am confident with who I am and I don’t care what others think of me – this makes me seem cold at times.  I’m not. :-|

15. I love real rose Turkish delight and will choose it over chocolate at every opportunity. Yes, really.

16.  When I opted out of chemotherapy to treat my eldest son’s rare cancer, it was directly against the advice of those close to me.   I know now that most of my friends and family finally understood my reasons in the years afterwards.

17. I am quick witted and gifted, according to my high school teachers. :roll:

18. I refused to actually study during high school as I was rebellious, I was told that everyone knew what I was capable of so I figured I had nothing to prove.

19. In the last three years I have learned I often have a profound effect on others, I’m still trying to understand how or why. 8-O

20. I have always said I’d never own a 4wd and yet I own an SUV… to tow my camper trailer.

21. I chose to live in this region by closing my eyes and pointing blindly to a map of our State.  I brought my five month old son and everything I owned here over 17 yrs ago and I’ve never regretted it.

22. I have owned eleven cameras (not including my mobile phones) in my lifetime but I only picked up my first DSLR in 2011.  I think I’m addicted.  *sigh*

23. My hair was waist length when I was six years old.  My first insanely short haircut came when I was 12… I’ve never grown my hair past earlobe length again.

24. Since my teen years, my hair has been hot pink (coloured with pen ink), flaming red, raven black, cobalt blue (pen ink again), green, turquoise, purple and violet.  I’m not sure I’m ever going to grow out of that “phase”.

25. I have kept in touch with at least five of my closest friends since school, that means I’ve known some of them for over 30 years!  Eep! 

*So there you have it… you know me well now right?  So what about YOU? ;)

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Rachel from Redcliffe Style (10 years ago)

I love posts like this. Turkish Delight is the worst. The texture makes me gag. :) Rachel x

    CJ (10 years ago)

    All the more for us Rach! ;) x

Mandy (10 years ago)

In some ways, we’re quite similar C ;) Though you are the last person in the world I’d describe as cold *giggle* Probably the exact opposite :P Having said that, sometimes people think I’m a little cold and aloof too….go figure :S

Mandy (10 years ago)

BTW – I’m married to someone who *loves* Snoopy too lol – we still have the old hardcover Peanuts books from his childhood :P

    CJ (10 years ago)

    Ahhh yes, I have a few *ahem* of those… Love them! Always knew we had lots of similarities M! ;) xxx

elflyn (10 years ago)

Hahaha love the first one.
I held a divorce party where everyone got a copy of my marriage certificate and we held a ritual burning!
Love your work!

    CJ (10 years ago)

    I love that idea J. I wish I’d thought of it! ;)

miss.cinders (10 years ago)

Where are the 25 things *I* didn’t know about you? teeheehee :D

    CJ (10 years ago)

    Well *that’s* a whole ‘nother post isn’t it? :P ;)

Jess (10 years ago)

I can certainly vouch for the fact that you have a profound effect on people!

Also, rose Turkish delight? Ewww! The chocolate is non-negotiable! ;)

    CJ (10 years ago)

    People have said that for years Jess… I *still* wonder what it IS though. Darn analytical brain! xxXOoo
    And yes, Turkish delight. We buy it by the kilo… or two. Chocolate is all yours! ;)

salz (10 years ago)

i can relate to a lot of these things. especially the make up and jeans.

    CJ (10 years ago)


MsMandie (10 years ago)

OK – I’ve finally found another rose turkish delight enthusiast! Yay for turkish delight! And you have inspired me to change my hair colour (I usually go from blonde, to dark blonde, back to light blonde)… how does moving to a brunette sound…? It’s a start! :)

    CJ (10 years ago)

    Yeehaa!! We could start a support club! Haha! :D
    *And go the red… ;) Good on you! x

Jenn @ mountains and musings (10 years ago)

Do you know, I think I agree with you re real turkish delight. I can’t stand the stuff that comes in Favourites boxes, but the real stuff? Yes please!
Awesome post, I love learning about other people’s ‘other’ sides.
PS i was married at 23 and divorced 20 months later… Have been happily married now since 2007 ;)

    CJ (10 years ago)

    Ah so nice to find kindred spirits on the Turkish Delight! The real stuff without the chocolate! :D Congrats on your second time around though! I might be game to try again soon! ;)

Erin (10 years ago)

Loved this! We’re similar in a number of ways, but vastly different in others :)

I went the whole hog and listed 100 things … I’m sure you’ve already found this on my hatchling little blog :)

    CJ (10 years ago)

    And I thought I was an overachiever! ;) xxXOoo

Lyndal (10 years ago)

Love it – I always really enjoy lists like these :) can totally relate to the makeup thing!!
#team IBOT

    CJ (10 years ago)

    Thanks Lyndal! :)

Signe (10 years ago)

I saw a comment you wrote on another blog and thought ‘hey, that girl looks like me!’ – had to have a look. Now I’ve read this and think ‘shit, the world is full of us’
though we have had very different lives.
I did the 100 thing, but could add the majority of yours without even streching the truth. Will have to follow what you do from now on. Just to see what happens…
Signe recently posted..Birthdays and artMy Profile

    CJ (10 years ago)

    Welcome to my offbeat world Signe! Please make yourself at home! :)

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