I must be getting old…

Things I know… this week. ;)

Why it always seems like I get nothing done!

  • Go to the kitchen, intend to bake some scrolls/bread/treats.  Discover the washing up needs to be done.
  • Stack dishes and dirty pots/cutlery/cutting boards on the sink drainer for later.
  • Get out flour, find that flour container is empty.  Go to the pantry to find bulk drum of flour.  Fill flour container.
  • Spill flour, wipe up with tea towel.  Realise the tea towel needs to be washed.  Walk towards laundry.
  • Find children’s dirty washing on the floor of the hall as you head down.  Collect it all (kick what you can’t hold in the right direction. 8-) 
  • Open laundry door.
  • Discover more washing scattered around on the laundry floor, open washing machine door to put a load of washing in… after sorting it.
  • Find you have to remove a load of wet washing (but clean) and either put in the dryer/hang out to dry.
  • Thus necessitating the need to remove the dry load in the dryer/on the line.  Go in search of laundry basket… an empty one. 8-O
  • Pass the toilet.  Decide you need to go on the way… to save time later.  Decide it needs cleaning.  Wash hands.
  • Find more dirty washing in bathroom.
  •  Pick it up, return to laundry.  Realise you’ve forgotten that basket.
  • Head back to lounge room.  Find four full baskets.  Empty one on to another.  See it fall on the floor.  Start folding up the easy items.
  • Get through a basket load.  Suddenly remember why you were there in the first place.
  • Walk back to laundry with empty basket, put dry washing into basket.  Transfer wet washing as needed.
  • Load washing machine, add powder and start cycle.
  • Pick up clean, dry washing in basket and head back to lounge.  Continue folding washing.  Realise there are piles of washing everywhere on sofa.
  • Start clearing piles away.  Get two children’s sorted, decide it’s pointless to continue unless you’ve finished folding the rest of the washing first.
  • Answer ringing phone/text message.  See that you’ve forgotten to pay a bill (thanks to the handy remindery thingo you set on your mobile calendar! ;)).  Go to computer.
  • Oh, you need your card details, go to bedroom to find purse.  More washing.  *sigh* Yep… laundry visit again!
  • Find your way back to the lounge.  Start folding washing again.  Leave piled on couch.
  • Wonder why your purse is in your pocket… jog memory.  Head back to computer.  Fight with internet connection.  Finally complete bill transaction.
  • Look at clock on computer.  School run time.  Eep!
  • Go to grab car keys… where did you put them?  Scramble around trying to find them.  Scratch your head.  Go to kitchen to get a drink of water.  See flour out.  Put flour away.  See keys on bench.
  • Leave house, lock doors and drive to collect children.  Head off to appropriate appointment with appropriate child/ren in tow.
  • Suddenly panic that you haven’t even prepped for dinner yet on the drive home.
  • Get home, send children to shower.
  • Go to bathroom to yell at children to get out.  Find dirty washing on floor. :roll:


That’s the long and short of it. 

If the kids ask, I’ll be in bed. :P

Fridays with Singular Insanity!


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Kathryn (9 years ago)

Doing the happy dance … cause you just confirmed I’m normal!!!! :D

    CJ (9 years ago)

    Good to know Kathryn! Nice to know I’m not alone! :D x

Me (9 years ago)

Thanks for making me laugh (although that did hurt my head !!) – so glad to see similar things happen in other households – it’s good to know I’m not Lone.
Have a great day !
Me recently posted..(Random Things for) Thankful ThursdayMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    It wasn’t supposed to hurt your head… it does that to me! ;) But I’m very glad to see you laughed anyway. :D Hope your day rocked! xxx

Trish (9 years ago)

My life too , half finished jobs everywhere and I am so glad it’s kind of normal !
Trish recently posted..Game on, the countdown has run downMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    Yes Trish, my 10 year old accused me of doing absolutely nothing this week. *sigh*

Bachelormum (9 years ago)

Nope yr not getting old. It’s just another day in mummy hood. I read a really funny post on a blog about getting old this morning. The blog is called housegoeshome.com. If u want a laugh about lip hair and wrinkles have a read. It brightened my day. x

    CJ (9 years ago)

    *Phew* So glad I’m NOT getting old then. ;) I think I need to read that post too! Thanks! x

Dorothy (9 years ago)

PMSL!!! You’ve just described every single day of my life!! Except when I refuse to visit the kitchen after dropping the kids off, or do it with blinkers on just to make coffee.

Awesome post :D
Dorothy recently posted..Things I know – Awesome Experiences and JudgeynessMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    I avoid the kitchen regularly too D! Except for the espresso machine… shhhhhh!! ;)

claireyhewitt (9 years ago)

Yesterday I wanted a sign that just said “I Quit” I was not going to do any more picking up after people. I try and try to explain that all they have to do is get their stuff to laundry. But no, they can’t manage that. aaarrrrrhhhhhhhh

    CJ (9 years ago)

    I quit every damn day!! Funny they don’t seem to notice though!! Grrrrr. Wonder how we’d survive a week’s strike? ;)

Prue (9 years ago)

Loved it! I think every mum can relate to it. I sure can.
Prue recently posted..What Does A Stay At Home Mum Do All Day?My Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    Good to know it’s not just me!! Such a relief! :D x

kelli (9 years ago)

ROFLMAO! that is all
kelli recently posted..I’m glad it is FridayMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    It is… isn’t it? ;) x

Rachel @ The Kids Are All Right (9 years ago)

OMG that is all so true. There will be one task on the to do list, and it takes 3 hours and all those other things to get it done. So that is where my day goes, huh?
Rachel @ The Kids Are All Right recently posted..How to raise a musical childMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    YES!! That’s how it happens! Now why can’t the kids see this? *sigh*

Mum of Adult Kids (9 years ago)

That’s how it is, isn’t it… Especially the bit about the washing. That is never-ending!
Mum of Adult Kids recently posted..New underwear, for the weekendMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    Endless… and constant!! How do they dirty SO many things?? Then I have to wash ALL the things!! UGH! :P

Catherine Rodie Blagg @CoTaaB (9 years ago)

I hear ya! :-) x
Catherine Rodie Blagg @CoTaaB recently posted..Common groundMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    ;) xxx

Drivelology (9 years ago)

Hilarious and true! I think lots of mums will find this relatable
Drivelology recently posted..I do declare it Eye Roll DayMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    You can never be too sure… glad I checked though! :D Thanks for dropping by! ;) x

Nicole (9 years ago)

Hilarious! Yes this is my day too.
Nicole recently posted..Image copyright and the bloggerMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    It’s so good to know I’m not alone on this one… therefore I can’t be crazy… yet! ;)

Happylan (9 years ago)

Ha ha OMG this is just so true. LOVE IT.
Happylan recently posted..GratefulMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    It seems there are a few of us that agree here! *phew* ;)

Pink Ronnie (9 years ago)

Oh Carmen. Big hug. Like Kathryn said – you are definitely not alone in this!
Ronnie xo
Pink Ronnie recently posted..Project Life, Week 24, and what you need to get startedMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    That’s quite a relief to know Ronnie! ;) x

Grace (9 years ago)

LOL! You could’ve been portraying a day in my life right there, sistah!
I love how there’s a lot of head scratching and memory jogging ;)
Grace recently posted..FYBF – Featured Flogger: Catherine from Cup of Tea and a BlogMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    Well there you go Grace! I’m not officially crazy yet! ;) Mwah!! xx

Chrissie at Me and My Munchkin (9 years ago)

Haha thanks for the laugh tonight! I swear this is exactly how I feel most days!
Chrissie at Me and My Munchkin recently posted..My Blog Post Planning SystemMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    Well I think we all seem to be in agreeance… it’s a regular occurrence in everyone’s homes! What a relief! :D x

Lisa Wood (9 years ago)

Oh I so was laughing half way through the list of what you do with your washing….I so do that! And tonight I keep walking past the bucket/mop and remember I was meant to wash our floors today ~ yet too much other stuff happened :)
I am so happy to know I am not alone.
Lisa Wood recently posted..Things I Know About HeadcoldsMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    Thanks for stopping by Lisa! So glad I made you laugh with my vague day! :D Now mopping… I really *should* do that sometime… when I remember. ;)

Kelly @ HT and T (9 years ago)

Oh wow, you suffer from OCADD too! I recently self diagnosed myself as suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Attention Deficit Disorder, and since I’ve discovered that so MANY US YOU HAVE IT! Feels good to know I’m not alone ;-)
Kelly @ HT and T recently posted..Are we ruining our kids?My Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    You mean it’s even got a name? I have a diagnosis! Woot!! Thank YOU! ;) x

Misha (9 years ago)

Ha! Story of my LIFE! This is gold. Love it! :)
Misha recently posted..Wordless Wednesdays: JuggleMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    ;-) xxx

Bree @ Twinkle in the Eye (9 years ago)

This all sounds very familiar! You’re not alone :-) Thanks for linking up for Flash Blog Friday. Bree
Bree @ Twinkle in the Eye recently posted..Flash Blog Friday Linky PartyMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    Thank YOU again Bree! ;) x

Lisa (9 years ago)

Oh thank you for this! It makes me feel like I’m not the only one!! Thank you!!
Lisa recently posted..Exploding Chocolate CakeMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    Thanks for stopping by Lisa! Glad you feel you still fit in as well! :D x

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