Liebster Blog Award…


*Ponders if she should have curtsied instead*

*Clears throat*  Ahem.

An award?  For moi? *Looks suitably surprised*
Why THANK YOU Jane @ The Hesitant Housewife.
The pleasure is all mine! *Bows again* 
Oh? Not that sort of award?  Umm right.  Okay, onwards we go! ;-)

The Liebster is awarded to up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers.

The conditions that go with being nominated are:

1.Each person must post 11 facts about themselves
2. Each person must answer 11 questions set by the person who tagged them
3. Each person must set 11 questions for the people they tag
4. You can then choose 11 people and link them to your post (they should have 200  followers or less)
5. Tell them you have tagged them.
6. Remember, no tag backs  – pay it forward


11 Facts about myself:

1. I think I’m a little unconventional, not only as a person but as a mother and partner as well.

2. I have severe intolerances and reactions to many medications, including painkillers, anti-nausea drugs, anaesthetics and antibiotics amongst the list.  I also carry an epipen… I’m anaphylactic to paper wasps.

3. My favourite subjects at high school were English, Art and Theatre… where I excelled without effort. 

4. I was a rebellious punk/mod cross during my teenage years… my hair has been every colour of the rainbow since I was 14.  I currently sport two shades of blue and two of purple – vibrantly and loudly.

5. Even though I roller skated for at least eight years as a child/teenager, I was never taught how to skate!  I learned more in basic Fresh Meat training at Roller Derby than I did as a child.

6. I have had 11 piercings, nine in my earlobes.  I currently have seven – six still in my earlobes. 

7. I faint at needles. Whether they be for me… or someone else.  This includes the needles for my tattoos… it meant they took a little longer to have the artwork done. Despite that, I still want more tattoos! ;)

8. My favourite colour is purple and has been since I was a child.  Lilac was the colour my mother chose to co-ordinate all my linen when I was born so I guess it stuck. ;)

9. .I’m not known for backing down, giving in, giving up… or walking away permanently from a problem.  I *may* have a short meltdown and step away but I’ll be back fairly quickly as I can’t let something beat me for long. :P

10. I may or may not be slightly obsessed with roller derby… and photography… and electronic gadgets. *whistles*

11. I have never let my gender stop me from doing anything I wanted to.  In fact, I’m happy as “one of the boys”.


The Hesitant Housewife‘s 11 Questions for me:

1/ How long have you been blogging for? 

I started an online journal when my son was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer and I was unable to find other families who had been through the experience.  I wanted to make sure anyone faced with this in the future would find our story and hope.  I started it in 2002.  I moved onto Musing ‘n Mayhem in May 2010 as the start of our new journey with Aspergers Syndrome after my son had been in remission for over six years. :D

2/ Do you forgive and forget, or hold a grudge?

I’m a forgive type of person , I don’t tend to hold a grudge much at all but I don’t necessarily forget.  Once bitten, twice shy I figure.

3/ If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

So many places I just love in the world and so many friends whose acquaintance I’ve made online whom I’d love to visit overseas!  So many sights I want to experience but right now, I’d be happy to take a trip about eight hours south (NSW) to be able to hug a couple of my Australian blogger friends who’ve been through some trying times of late.

4/ Have you ever had your heart broken?

Indeed, I believe in being completely open in love.  I’ve never lasted long grieving though because there is so much good in the world, I can’t be sad for long.

5/ Have you ever broken someone’s heart?

Often apparently.  I’ve been told I’m very difficult to get over. :-|

6/ What is the best meal you have ever cooked?

I’m not really sure, I’ve been cooking meals since I was a child.  Perhaps my finest hour was finally discovering (read: making up) a recipe my son could and would eat once we decided to become vegetarian.  It is still one of his favourites and is a Vegie Curry.

7/ What makes you laugh?

Many, many things… in fact, I can laugh at almost anything, at the most inappropriate times… and at the least likely things.   I’m terrible like that!

8/ What makes you cry?

Injustice, children with cancer, memories of my little friend Jessie, not being able to help other friends out when they need it and having a dirty kitchen. Yes, really.

9/ What’s your favourite book? 

Impossible to pick just one!  I love Fantasy fiction and usually short stories are my weakness.

10/ If you could live in a TV show, what would you pick?

Oh EASY!  Mythbusters!!  How much fun would that be?  Driving fast, blowing up things, playing with water, filming, calculating, working out problems…. GEEK HEAVEN!  *Looks around furtively* Oops, did I just say that out aloud?

11/ Have you ever had any encounters with a celebrity?

Quite often and quite a number over the years, mostly to do with the music industry but actors and sports stars as well.  They are just real people like the rest of us and value their privacy and I respect that. :-)

My 11 questions for my nominated bloggers are:

1. What were your goals as a child and did you achieve them?

2. Do you consider yourself a logical or a lateral thinker?

3. Do you believe you need to fit in? Or stand out?

4. What has been the happiest moment of your life?

5. Where do you find inspiration?

6. If your children grow up to be teenagers like you were, would you worry?

7. Do you have any regrets?

8. Where would you love to live most?

9. How would you like to see yourself in the next 10 years?

10. Who are your mentors/idols?

11. What is your favourite treat?


My list of 11 nominees are:

Cup of Tea and a Blog- Catherine’s humour is refreshing!

A Mum in the Wild- I love Penny’s short stories on Tuesdays.

Née  Say- Nee has started Monday’s Minutia linky, a whole lot of fun about the mundane.

My Journey- A personal journey through life that I enjoy following.

Twitchy Corner- I can’t help but smile whenever I read her posts, I’m sure others agree.

Lizosaurus- Love Liz’s original view of the world… and her cat Train.

Mum of Adult Kids- So what is life like with older children? Lisa’s filling us in.

Francesca Writes Here- Francesca’s a lawyer… who blogs about her life and her gorgeous girls.

Mum Speak- Michelle hails from my hometown and I love catching up with her and her family’s adventures.

One Too Many - Another Queensland blogger new to the blogosphere. She’s all about keeping it real!

BBeing Cool- I think it will go with her decor nicely. ;)

No obligations but I’d love to read more about you! 8-)


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Catherine Rodie Blagg @CoTaaB (6 years ago)

Wowwee Carmen – Thank you so much for thinking of me.
I’m enjoying the different ‘award’ posts that are floating about at the moment – its a nice way to get to know people a little better. As I’ve just done my Kreativ blogger post I might sit on this for a bit – but will definitely address your questions! Thanks again, and have a great weekend! Cx
Catherine Rodie Blagg @CoTaaB recently posted..(Love) another birth story – Part 1My Profile

    CJ (6 years ago)

    Great minds think alike then C! ;)
    C xXx

kelli (6 years ago)

congratulations and thanks for sharing some bits about you :)
kelli recently posted..How do you see things?My Profile

    CJ (6 years ago)

    Ahh more giggles for the world have to be a good thing right hon? ;) xxx

Francesca (6 years ago)

Thanks so much for thinking of me, Carmen!

I loved reading about you. I will ponder answers / facts about myself and write a post about this – probably early next week. I’m giving myself a blogging break over the weekend :-)
Francesca recently posted..Thankfulest Thursday: Hip, hip hooray!!My Profile

    CJ (6 years ago)

    No worries Francesca! I look forward to learning more about you! Enjoy your well earned break! :D x

Mum of Adult Kids (6 years ago)

Sweeeet! Thanks so much Carmen! I really enjoy reading your blog, and I’m heaps chuffed to be included on your ‘Liebster list’. You’ve just brightened my otherwise crappy day. Thank you! *bows graciously* ;-)
Mum of Adult Kids recently posted..Say what??My Profile

    CJ (6 years ago)

    Glad I could brighten your day L! Always good to give others a smile! :D xx

Melissa {Suger} (6 years ago)

This is SO great especially for someone new to your blog! What a freakin’ fantastic read actually. Congrats to you and the new crop of award winners. xo
Melissa {Suger} recently posted..Chicken, Tomato & Cheese Baked GoodnessMy Profile

    CJ (6 years ago)

    Why thank you so much! Welcome along to my crazy corner of the WWW! xxx

Me (6 years ago)

Thank you Carmen *smiles brightly and feels very chuffed to have been thought of* – I love learning more about the people whose blogs I follow and you are no exception !! Thanks for sharing. I will ponder on this and pay it forward sometime this weekend.

Have a great time tomorrow night and travel safely – at this stage it looks like I will be able to catch up a least for a short while.

Love, hugs and positive energy !
Me recently posted..Menopausal MusingsMy Profile

    CJ (6 years ago)

    But of course! I couldn’t leave you out. Glad you enjoyed reading mine. Looking forward to tomorrow night! :D xxx

Michelle @OzMumSpeak (6 years ago)

Thank you so much for including me! I am really looking forward to doing this! xx
Michelle @OzMumSpeak recently posted..What happened to the tooth fairy?My Profile

    CJ (6 years ago)

    Great to hear Michelle! Looking forward to it. ;) xxx

Jane @ The Hesitant Housewife (6 years ago)

Awesome! Thanks so much for ‘accepting’ and forwarding on the award :) Fabulous to learn more about you :) May I please have your vegie curry recipe? We are a family of vego’s too, and Loooove curry! xx
Jane @ The Hesitant Housewife recently posted..Liebster Blog AwardMy Profile

    CJ (6 years ago)

    Thank YOU Jane. Always up for a challenge. I shall do on the curry recipe and pass it on! ;) xxXOoo

Penny (6 years ago)

Thank you for the nomination! I’ve been wanting to tell people a little bit more about myself! I’ll try and get to it asap!

I shara a love of fanatasy fiction! I can get lost in books like that and come out of it not even realising it’s been three hours!
Penny recently posted..Children’s and Young Adult Writers and Illustrators Conference 2012My Profile

    CJ (6 years ago)

    I look forward to learning more about you Penny! There’s nothing like being lost in a book! ;)

Twitchy (6 years ago)

Hey Carmen- this is fantastic…but is there a time limit on this, do we need to tag a lot of people? I haven’t blogged for a week- rarely happens. But when school hols and injuries combine- ick. I’ll be back :) PS I want the TV show question!! Madmen, Bewitched and Modern Family :D

    CJ (6 years ago)

    When you can Twitchy! Concentrate on healing up! I look forward to your post when it’s finished. ;) xxXOoo

Francesca (6 years ago)

Thank you! I have now blogged about Liebster:
Francesca recently posted..Liebster #3My Profile

    CJ (6 years ago)

    Thank you Francesca! Off to check it out! :D

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