Things I know now

  • Everything is hilariously funny at 10pm after a few drinks.  Nothing is amusing at 10am without at least one coffee… a triple shot espresso.
  • A “worm that dies if it’s on the wrong tree… you know mum, the ones you unwrap that have skin inside?  Birthworms? Yeah whatever, those” are silkworms… apparently. *shrug*
  • Three children protesting loudly on their way to the car that they haven’t had their tablets could be misconstrued by all and sundry awake in the street… who happen to be within a cooee. :-?
  • If Mum says you need to take your filled water bottle with you, she means you need to fill it…and take it with you.  No ifs or buts… or borrowing someone else’s.  Even if you’re six.
  • Draco Malfoy is male (well the books seem to indicate that rather strongly and the movies back that up).  Girls who don’t wish to look boyish shouldn’t pretend to be Draco…and then say they were only kidding if they want to be taken seriously.
  • Mum doesn’t swear as much as others… so I’m told.  Does this mean I’m allowed to swear more?  Or just expected to? 8-O
  • Blue/purple/vibrantly coloured hair means every child in a supermarket will point and remark loudly to their parental guardian “that girl has blue/purple hair!” and squeal in delight.  Sometimes you’ll even hear them and wink at them with a smile.  This instantly makes them go quiet!
  • Apparently toast at Dad’s house is very different to toast at our house.  His bread is square… and “soggier”.  Guess we feed them too much sourdough!
  • Don’t try to bluff your mother… she’s been there and done that… a long time before you did.  And she’ll pull you up on it.  Fast. ;)
  • It’s 16 days until my six year old turns seven.  He is expecting a DS, a hoodie and lego.  He is in for one heck of a surprise. :D
  • Car salesmen still think women know very little about cars… and purchasing them.  Shame I don’t care to bow to that opinion.  However, it seems there are some who do not subscribe to that way of thinking.  Guess we’ll take our business their way.  :)
  • Sometimes I manage to pay bills… without realising I’ve paid them.  This is all fine… as long as I do not attempt to pay them more than once.
  • Salted stickjaw toffee is Out-of-this-world!  Oh dear.  Toffee has grown up! *blink*
  • Just because a new game on your phone is really easy doesn’t mean it isn’t addictive.  Ahem.
  • Even at my age, I can still be lectured by my father… IF he can drown out me lecturing him first! :mrgreen: *And yes Dad, a 5D mIII beats an 1100D hands down.* :roll:

What do YOU know today? ;) 

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Rhianna (8 years ago)

I know that I giggled about the don’t bluff your mum part. Why do they think we came down in the last shower?
Rhianna recently posted..Excuse Me Is My Marriage Showing?My Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    Too true Rhianna. Default setting I think! ;)

kevin (8 years ago)

I know that coffee works but only for so long
kevin recently posted..Help, I’m turning in a helicopter DadMy Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    You are spot on Kevin. Time for more coffee then! ;)

Me (8 years ago)

LOL – I can always count on you to make me smile !!!
Now to get back to work so I can go on holiday next week !!!
Have the best weekend.
Love, hugs and positive energy.
Me recently posted..Are you getting enough sleep ?My Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    I’m smiling just knowing I can make you smile! Have the best day ever at work. ;) xxx

Rachel from Redcliffe Style (8 years ago)

Great post! It made me smile. Rachel x
Rachel from Redcliffe Style recently posted..10 tips for InsomniaMy Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    Thanks Rachel! Always makes me smile to think others are smiling! :D xx

Sue (8 years ago)

That went down well with my morning coffee! I now know that pull-ups don’t hold as much pee as a nappy :)
Sue recently posted..Ah the memories!My Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    Awesome information to be aware of Sue! Glad your coffee went well! ;)

kelli (8 years ago)

this “If Mum says you need to take your filled water bottle with you, she means you need to fill it…and take it with you. No ifs or buts… or borrowing someone else’s. Even if you’re six.”

but I will add that it is also child’s responsibility to make sure it comes home again!
kelli recently posted..It’s Breast feeding week around the world!My Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    True… and they are all VERY attached to their water bottles. ;)

Aroha @ Colours of Sunset (8 years ago)

What I wouldn’t do for a 5D MIII. (Yes dad, she is right!!)
Aroha @ Colours of Sunset recently posted..Team Friday LinkyMy Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    Sorry hon, I’m REALLY attached to mine. (And it’s okay… I think the 23 megapixels had him convinced eventually. LOL!) ;) xx

Catherine Rodie Blagg @CoTaaB (8 years ago)

Great stuff as always Carmen x
Catherine Rodie Blagg @CoTaaB recently posted..Funny old lifeMy Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    Thanks Catherine! :D xxx

Chrissie at Me and My Munchkin (8 years ago)

Oh I love how funny everything becomes once you get a few drinks into you!
Chrissie at Me and My Munchkin recently posted..My (lack of) Time Management SkillsMy Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    Shame it’s only funny right at that moment though! LOL! ;)

Rachel @ The Kids Are All Right (8 years ago)

I always really enjoy your lists of things you know – most entertaining! My kids are addicted to their tablets (vitamins) too.
Rachel @ The Kids Are All Right recently posted..What would you do differently?My Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    Thanks Rachel! I think I’m a list maker from way back… I’m always compiling them in my head! And yes to the vitamins! ;)

Lily (8 years ago)

I love this post! It made me smile! After few drinks I found funny, when my friends try to speak foreign languages….of course without succes :)
Lily recently posted..Decorating a cake:)My Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    I have to agree as my friends have tried that Lily! Welcome to Musing ‘n Mayhem! :D

Grace (8 years ago)

I love that one about not swearing as much as other mums…LOL! I don’t think my boys will be saying that about me.
“No, I said…truck! I did! I said TRUCK!” :)
Grace recently posted..FYBF – The Whip It! VlogMy Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    Maybe I’m just better at doing it out of earshot of children??? LOL! Mwah Grace! x

Jess (8 years ago)

I hear you on the game front!
Though my game is getting harder and harder to save the babies and I still can’t help playing it every half hour. Someone needs to save the babies!!
Jess recently posted..I Think I Need a Kindle….My Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    Note to self: avoid games that have babies that need saving! LOL Jess! ;) xxx

Helen (8 years ago)

Love it! Today I learned that my 2 year old is not quite responsible enough to babysit his 9 month old brother. “Alan, don’t ride/saw your brother”. “No Alan, you’re brother is not a fire that needs to be put out”. “Alan you’re brother is not a crocodile, and you are not the crocodile hunter!”. :)

    CJ (8 years ago)

    Ahhh see Helen? So many lessons to learn! ;) Thanks for stopping by!! x

Bree @ Twinkle in the Eye (8 years ago)

Salted stick jaw toffee? I could do that! Thanks for linking up for Flash Blog Friday :-)
Bree @ Twinkle in the Eye recently posted..Flash Blog Friday Linky PartyMy Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    You would love it Bree! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. ;) x

Dorothy @ Singular Insanity (8 years ago)

Kids and water bottles. And then they complain they’re thirsty! Well, “Where is your bottle?”. “I don’t know…”

Thanks for the giggle, I needed it at the end of the weekend :)

And thank you for once again joining up with Things I Know!
Dorothy @ Singular Insanity recently posted..Let it go….My Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    Precisely!! *sigh*
    Glad you enjoyed a laugh! :D x

Pink Ronnie (8 years ago)

Intrigued to know what game you’re addicted to… hehe
Ronnie xo
Pink Ronnie recently posted..The golden hour, chapter 2My Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    LOL Ronnie! Try Free Flow. ;) xxXOoo

kelley @ magnetoboldtoo (8 years ago)

hmmmm, now I realise why I am so crabby. Not enough coffee.

I guess I am not helping the cause when I go to the car yard and say I want a manual orange one with the temperature gauge thingy so I know how hot it is outside?

    CJ (8 years ago)

    Coffee is essential…
    Oh we are reasonable…we want black…or charcoal grey…with the extras. All of the extras. ;)

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