Dear eldest…

Fact: Today is your 18th birthday. At 3:19 pm to be precise. You are still effectively 17 until then, I suggest you wait until tonight to check if the local bars will let you in. ;)

The year you were born (1995) was an eventful one:
The first completely computer generated movie was released: Toy Story!
DVD format was announced.
Windows 95 and NT were released.
Javascript was created by Netscape.
Dolly, the cloned sheep was born.
Ebay began as AuctionWeb!
The week you were born, the top song in the charts was On Bended Knee – Boyz II Men and
Australia’s Prime Minister was Paul Keating (I could tell you a story or two about him one day… when you’re older. ;)).

I’m the first to admit as your mother, that there were many moments that I wondered if we both would ever manage to see today.
If you were a cat, I’d be willing to bet you’d be on your last life by now.
It’s okay though, we got here..    Let’s look at getting through the next year or so too. ;)
We’ve often butted heads over the years, from about the time you could speak.  I often wondered how it was possible my baby learnt to form words by the age of 11 months.  From then on it was always me willing you to slow down.

Your dry sense of wit has been apparent from an early age.  I always figured you were “different”… but then, so was I. :P
Your favourite things were always computers, computer games, remote controls and Lego.

Somewhere you also found an amazing musical talent.  If there was an instrument lying around, you’d just have to have a go… more often than not, you’d be playing a tune in no time.
Over the years, your collection of instruments has grown to include; a guitar, multiple harmonicas, an ocarina, a recorder, an accordian, keyboard and your favourite ukelele.   Without a single lesson, you’ve entertained many with your gifts.  I’ve heard about it afterwards without fail.  Just saying.

Many more remember your infectious and unique laugh.  The one I waited weeks to hear again when we “took that extended break from reality” (who’s idea WAS that again?  I think it had to be yours, since I was taken completely unaware :P) just before your seventh birthday.   Thankfully you made up for lost time in the years that followed though.  :)

Now that you’ve moved out of home (thank you, we needed the bedroom – 8-) ), we keep in contact by phone at least once a week.  Your half yearly hospital appointments mean you still visit and your siblings eagerly look forward to hanging out with their big bro until you arrive.  Master 5 likes to point out that he also gets to attend the appointments alongside you.   He loves having that extra time, so I guess we organised that well. :D

We’ll see you when you’re home again for your testing next month… for a week or so (because the train schedule doesn’t allow for shorter visits – not because you miss us… we know. *whistle*) but until then, we’ll be keeping your gift hostage.  You’ll thank us for that one day, I’m sure.

Oh and about your trust fund?  Yes, it’s set to mature when you turn 21… or at least until you are able to pay fortnightly payments into it for whole year past your 18th birthday.  Independently.   I *may* have forgotten to mention that fact to you earlier but just because society says you are allowed to do grown up things… legally now, doesn’t mean you’re an adult.  Unfortunately that includes a heap of responsibility and we know you don’t want that just yet. ;)

Yes… we love you too.  Really.

Happy “finallymadeittoeighteen” to my biggest geek boy.  It’s been an honour to accompany on your (not so smooth) journey through life.  :mrgreen:

I’ll accept my (well earned) award at my earliest convenience.
*bows and trips on a loose Doc shoe lace*

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Miss Cinders (8 years ago)

Happy 18th Birthday C!!

Happy Birthing Day CJ!!

Wow! Every year I think to myself “Not long before I’m saying the same thing”, although this time I can wait! 18 is such a big number!!

Have a fabulous day hunny xxx
Miss Cinders recently posted..things i knowMy Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    Thanks hon…I feel like it really was yesterday! Happily hanging out with my fabulous fam! ;- xxXOo

Penny (8 years ago)

This is so beautiful and honest. What a lovely message for your son to look at now and to back on.
Penny recently posted..Ten Tips to Improve your Visit to the ZooMy Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    I’m hoping he will bother to read it one day Penny…he isn’t normally one for mushy stuff. ;)

iSophie (8 years ago)

Aw, that’s lovely. Happy Birthday!

    CJ (8 years ago)

    Thank you Sophie! I’m sure he’s sleeping in today in preparation! ;)

MultiBlogging Mum (8 years ago)

Such a beautifully written message for your child.
I’ve got 2 turning 18 in July and 1 would have been/was 18 last year.
Pleased to see that I am not the only one saying that the birthday is not until the actual time of birth!!
MultiBlogging Mum recently posted..Things I Know Linky PartyMy Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    Thank you! It’s always new ground with your eldest children! He was so pleased to hear from us all today. Well we could just pick his enthusiasm. ;) xx

Me (8 years ago)

Happy birthday C !! I hope you have wonderful day.
You have an amazing family and it’s great getting to know you.
Have the best day !
Me recently posted..Things I KnowMy Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    Thanks hon! We have had a gorgeous day camping! Mr 18 seemed to have a quiet day though…he hasn’t attempted to visit the pub yet. ;)
    It’s wonderful spending time with you too! Even if it is usually more than a little crazy. :) xxx

Rachel @ The Kids Are All Right (8 years ago)

He sounds like such a special kid. I love thinking about what I was doing in 1995 – I was certainly not aware it would be my second last year of “youth” before falling pregnant!

    CJ (8 years ago)

    He is indeed Rachel! My biggest challenge… I sure hope his younger siblings give me a much easier ride. ;) xxx

Bree @ Twinkle in the Eye (8 years ago)

What a milestone. I cannot imagine my little boy as a young man…
Bree @ Twinkle in the Eye recently posted..Flash Blog Friday Linky PartyMy Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    I admit Bree, neither could I. *sigh* xx

Emily (8 years ago)

What an awesome letter and keep sake for him! Thanks for sharing, and I can’t believe Toy Story is that old, seems like yesterday it was released!
Emily recently posted..Don’t despair, Buzz Lightyear is here!My Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    I’m hoping my lad agrees Emily! And it only seems like yesterday he was born! xx

Francesca (8 years ago)

Wowowow, 18! Congratulations to both of you :-)
Francesca recently posted..I thought I loved you…My Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    Thanks Francesca! It’s a relief for us too! ;) xx

Nee Say (8 years ago)

18! Wow. I can’t imagine my boys getting to the age. I need a drink just thinking about it. Congrats to you both for making it so far x
Nee Say recently posted..What’s in a word?My Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    Trust me Nee, I had to have a drink just thinking about it too! :D xxx

Jennifer (8 years ago)

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And be sure to sign up on our site to get an email notice when the next Friday Flash Blog is live.

    CJ (8 years ago)

    Thank you for the invite Jennifer! I’ll have to look into it! Welcome to the mayhem!

Rhianna (8 years ago)

May his years ahead be filled with fairy wishes and butterfly kisses. What a lovely letter to him you have written here.
Rhianna recently posted..More Things I Know About RunningMy Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    Thank you Rhianna. I figured it was time I wrote down the stuff I often need to say to him… or I’d forget. Again. ;) xx

Grace (8 years ago)

It was the year of Toy Story??! Really?! Love how most of the 1995 facts related back to computer stuff :)
Happy 18th gorgeous boy!
And congrats on raising a fab kid, CJ x
Grace recently posted..FYBF Featured Flogger – Tracey from Bliss Amongst ChaosMy Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    Yes Grace! Mindblowing isn’t it? Hard to believe he’s eighteen too! Although it’s tiring to think I have another three to go… oops!

Vicky (8 years ago)

Happy birthday to your boy, and happy birthing day to you! My eldest turned 17 at the beginning of the month. Still getting my head wrapped around that! How can something feel like its gone by in a microsecond, yet be full of so many memories? I love that you have similar to me- big kids at one end, little at the other. It’s an interesting dynamic. X
Vicky recently posted..Degrees of DeathMy Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    Thanks Vicky! Our children are so very special! xxx

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