New Year, New Friday…

The first week of 2013 and it seems I’ve accumulated a fair bit of knowledge over the past few days…

1. 11 years can heal a lot of hurt… but there is still a lot that no amount of time can.  Even if the outcome is beyond expectations.
2. 18 year-old sons still need their Mum when having to deal with hospital appointments.  Or so they say. ;)
3. Masters five and seven CAN get along without fighting for more than a few minutes!!  Yes!   Unfortunately, it only seems to be when their sister isn’t home with them.
4. If you take two small boys to the movies, both will remember that there was fighting in certain scenes (even IF it was animated and very brief)… they will also relay this information directly (and rather enthusiastically!) to their father at the first possible opportunity.  *sigh*
5. Miss 11 can convince her Grandfather that having her along on his yearly pilgrimage to Woodford Folk Festival is a great idea.    She will also surprise him by reciting a poem at the Poets’ Breakfast without preparation, find a means to earn extra pocket money AND out wit him at every opportunity.    Not to mention, taunt her mother with a text message to announce she’s at a Kate Miller-Heidke concert.  :P
6. Said Grandfather has obviously forgotten the effort he put into raising his children with correct grammar and one upmanship.  Thanks for that one Dad.   No, REALLY. :D
7. The house is really quiet without children at home… I seem to have forgotten what a 6:30 am wake up time looks like.
8. Apparently camping IS exciting… and small boys can’t wait.  Six children and two adults require a little bit of planning and organisation for a week’s camping – including briefing four sensory sensitive male offspring…  Wish me luck.  If I’m not heard from after the weekend – send coffee!
9. Camper trailer Tetris is NOT my forte.  I’ll stick to menu planning.  Now if we could only hire a personal chef… oh wait:roll:
10. If there is a small child yelling loudly to their mother to look at something really cool in the carpark… and you are standing in the carpark with a boldly coloured mohawk style haircut… it’s probably you they’re talking about.  I really SHOULD be used to that by now… I guess.
11. My father still thinks I should grow up… one day.  I informed him that he shouldn’t set his expectations of others so high… as he struggles with disappointment.   Sorry Dad. :-?
12. My own hospital appointments still freak me out.  Even though I KNOW I need the surgery (and that there is no other option here…), my mind still goes off on it’s own little avoidance daydream at the mention of it.   Judging by the last procedure, I’m betting (and I’m not a gambler by any stretch of the imagination) that someone is going to be changing some hospital protocols within the next few months… well for me at least.  See?  I’m special.  But you knew that… you read my blog. 8-)

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Miss Cinders (8 years ago)

You are special. A totally special kind of chick – and I’m not being a smart arse! lol

Your Daddy really should know better by now. Maybe he needs a holiday at your place for a refresher? Or maybe even stay for a week and babysit the kids so you and Chaos can have a week away! Oh my goshness! That’s a brilliant idea! Do you think he’d be in?

The strange phenomenon of no fighting – as much – between my two youngins is kinda freaking me out too. They were even swinging off the clothesline together yesterday instead of one dobbing on the other for doing it! Cheeky bugga’s!

Happy Friday chickybabe, I’ll keep an eye on FB just in case you send out an S.O.S!

Miss Cinders recently posted..things i knowMy Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    :D Ditto hon!
    My Daddy really has a lot to learn still. I’m not convinced on him looking after the kids… I think he’ll be in shock for an extended period of time after the last week. ;)
    Mwah!! xx

Rhianna (8 years ago)

Yes you are special in the most wonderful of ways. Hope the surgery goes well when the time comes. lol about the hair and child. Oh bless them hey? Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely
Rhianna recently posted..2013 The Year of ?My Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    *bows* Thank YOU Rhianna! Back at you tenfold.

MultiBlogging Mum (8 years ago)

WOW! What a huge list!
Wishing you well with your surgery.
MultiBlogging Mum recently posted..How Far You’ve ComeMy Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    Thanks for dropping by! I’m sure the surgery will go just fine… well the surgeon isn’t worried anyway. My part is the bit that *may* not go so well. But we’re a little more used to that! ;) LOL! :D x

Me (8 years ago)

Isn’t it amazing how quickly you can accumulate knowledge !!!!
Wishing you a speedy recovery from your surgery when it happens – will Chaos post to let us know how you are ?
Take care and have the best weekend – catch you next time you are on the GC !!!
Love, hugs and positive energy !
Me recently posted..Things I KnowMy Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    Indeed it is hon! I seem to find it EVERYWHERE! ;)
    And I’m sure someone will be able to update!
    Much love and hugs for an awesome weekend for you too! xxx

Kirsty @ My Home Truths (8 years ago)

My kids also remember all the inappropriate and fighty bits in movies – my son especially. I’m so glad they are not the only ones who do this! Good luck with your upcoming surgery – sending positive, healthy and special vibes to you…
Kirsty @ My Home Truths recently posted..Holiday TruthsMy Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    I swear it is a talent Kirsty! Boys have an inbuilt radar!
    And I’m so stocking up on healty, positive vibes… Somehow we are going to need all we can get. :) xxx

Grace (8 years ago)

My boys aren’t even 3 yet and they remember all the fighting scenes in “Kung Fu Panda”. We’ve had to take a break from that movie for a bit (ahems).
Don’t worry about your dad. We were born to annoy them and they’re in our lives to annoy us back :)
Hope you feel better soon, chica xxx
Grace recently posted..FYBF – Big Brown SharksMy Profile

Emily (8 years ago)

This is a great post, and I can relate to so much, especially the boys and the play fighting! And I’m glad to hear that when my 3 are 18 years they will still want me :)
Emily recently posted..Things I know will happen once the Husband heads back to workMy Profile

Elise (7 years ago)

I have procedures coming up in the new year too, and no matter how many I have I still get freaked out. Good luck xx
Elise recently posted..Never send a man to do the shoppingMy Profile

    CJ (7 years ago)

    Thinking of you too E. I admit it’s a tad daunting but I’m determined not to think about the possibilities. However, I’m glad I’m not alone. xxXOoo

Rachel @ The Kids Are All Right (7 years ago)

A week in your life is a wondrous thing.
Rachel @ The Kids Are All Right recently posted..Mum’s iPhone for teenager – too many strings attached?My Profile

    CJ (7 years ago)

    :D A crazy wonderous thing! ;) xxXOoo

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