Another 25 random things you didn’t really want to know about me…

Here are the first 25 if you need to study up. ;)

1. I rarely wear a bra.  Seriously.  And yes… I do have enough cleavage to apparently require wearing one.  Oh well.

2. My fingernails grow exceptionally long, regardless of how much housework or gardening I do.  I’m regularly asked if they are fake because my left pinky often gets to around 2-3cm long.  That said, I’ve rarely scratched any of my children as you would expect.

3. I am a pescatarian.

4. I passed Theatre (Drama) with flying colours during Year 11 at high school having attended less than half of the classes.  Oops. :oops:

5. As a child I refused to eat cucumber, gherkins and tinned beetroot.  I still won’t consume any of them as an adult and can’t bring myself to serve them to my children.  Luckily they have a father to do that. :)

6. Wizz Fizz is still my favourite sherbert from my childhood.  I hide them from the children. :P

7. My favourite game as a teenager was Dungeons and Dragons.   In the interests of educating my children, I’ve now introduced them to the boardgame, “Dungeon”. :-D

8. My mobile ringtone and message tone are Yoda and I still giggle every time I hear them.

9. I carry an epipen even though I doubt I could actually use it on myself.  I also figure if I need it, I’m unlikely to be conscious enough to do so anyway.  I also wear a MedicAlert necklace saying I’m allergic to numerous things. :-x

10. Autumn is my favourite season although I’m also happy with Winter and snuggling.

11. I value my friends and family even though I’m known to keep to myself a lot.

12. My father is still perplexed by things I say and do, just as he was when I was younger.  Glad to know I’m consistent. :)

13. Until our road trip home last year, my younger sister and I had barely spoken to each other in almost ten years.  Merely because we both became absorbed in our own family lives and live 1800km from each other. :-?

14. I struggle to cope with flying.  Which isn’t advisable when you react to sedatives.  Really.  Shame there are a few airfares in my not too distant future. 8-O

15. Getting married again was never on my agenda.  It will shock many of my “older” friends that I would even consider it now.

16. Whilst I currently own a MacBook and Master seven, an iPad, I’m not an Apple fan.  I prefer Android smartphones and there are no iPhones in our household.

17. My family think I’m a geek.  I’m not sure it’s an insult in any form, so I won’t argue.

18. Our experiences with my eldest son’s childhood cancer diagnosis gave me a completely different perspective of the world.  And people.  I like to think I have more compassion but if I’m honest, I’m just less tolerant of trivial issues. ;-)

19. Even though my offspring have moved fairly easily and frequently between their father and myself for most of their lives, I still miss them every time they aren’t with me.  I’ve improved my distraction methods over time I think. :|

20. I don’t believe taking my children to McDonalds is a treat.  Unless clean toilets can be considered a treat.  *shrug*

21. My partner and I own three espresso machines.  We use two regularly.

22. As a child, I found questions annoying and had a list of responses to more common ones that were more than a little offbeat.  I also didn’t mind being thought of as odd.

23. People (even those who’ve known me for a fair amount of time) are usually surprised at my age.  They usually guess I’m around ten years younger.  Mind you, it stuns me I’m this age too.  I don’t remember ever thinking I’d seriously get this far. :P

24. I’ve never believed in looking for a partner or love interest.  Somehow I always figured they’d find me when they were ready, in the meantime I had some cleaning up to do! ;)

25. Whilst I may have my own physical limitations these days, I find my mind doesn’t.  This can be extremely difficult to reconcile at times.  Thankfully I have the world’s most understanding other half.  *Phew!*  :D


Have you IBOT’d with Jess today? Come on, you KNOW you want to! :)


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Lydia C. Lee (10 years ago)

I hear you on the flying and the coffee machines (we had and used 2 daily until one broke) – we are normal, it’s the rest of the world that isn’t thinking right!
Lydia C. Lee recently posted..Exceedingly Handsome Guy – pondering on superficial beautyMy Profile

    CJ (10 years ago)

    Amen Lydia. I knew I liked you for a reason. ;) xx

BossyMummy (10 years ago)

No tinned beet root????? Can’t fathom that life :) I have the sme attitude to you about flying – but then again, would hate to miss out on anything, so usually spend the whole flight with my nails imbedded in husband leg, listening for noises that don’t seem right ;)

    CJ (10 years ago)

    *shudder* no way, no day on tinned beetroot. I’m not able to eat it these days anyway due to food reactions. *phew* ;).
    Working on this weekend’s flights…maybe. :/ x

Michelle @ blundermum (10 years ago)

I just had to google ‘pescatarian’, you cryptic person you.
Michelle @ blundermum recently posted..Welcome to the mid-late thirties!My Profile

    CJ (10 years ago)

    Always have to keep people on their toes! ;) xx

Rhianna (10 years ago)

I have trouble believing how old I am as well!
Rhianna recently posted..Putting one foot in front of the otherMy Profile

    CJ (10 years ago)

    Such a relief I’m not alone there hon! ;) xxx

Roxanne P-CH (10 years ago)

Clean toilets are a treat in this house too! Much more important things to do. Tech wise I’m the reverse, have iPhone but all desktops and laptops are android. Drives my Mac obsessed family insane.

    CJ (10 years ago)

    Definitely Roxanne! Welcome to our zany little corner of the web! x

Lyndal (10 years ago)

i think these are some of my favourite posts from bloggers – love getting to know you better x
Lyndal recently posted..the one where we go back to basics…My Profile

    CJ (10 years ago)

    *bows* Thanks Lyndal! xx

Bettina (10 years ago)

Thanks for linking up! Love this list, I love those sherbet things (or used to anyway)

    CJ (10 years ago)

    Thank you for hosting Bettina. Lovely to make your acquaintance! x

Me (10 years ago)

Always good to learn more about you !!!! Love the list. I have an iPhone but no other Apple products – can’t wait to come out of contract so I can go back to a Blackberry (if they are still around next year !!!)
Have the best day and good luck with the flights !!!
Love, hugs and positive energy !
Me recently posted..Three Events EnteredMy Profile

    CJ (10 years ago)

    Thanks hon! Need to catch up again soon…when my crazy life slows down again. ;) love to you. xxx

Emily @ Have a laugh on me (10 years ago)

You have such a way with words CJ, I devoured every word of this post! I used to be anti iPhone but am now a sheep and have one, I seem to be able to use it easier. My HTC is now in cupboard and the Husband is now a Android addict. Go figure. Thanks for sharing :)
Emily @ Have a laugh on me recently posted..Oh how the mighty have fallen into a life of no romanceMy Profile

    CJ (10 years ago)

    Shucks thanks Emily! I am a firm HTC owner as are the other three smartphone owners in our household. ;) xx

Kyla @ Three Quarters Full (10 years ago)

Bras are torture, if I could get away without wearing one I would be bra-free forever. Gherkins and beetroot are simply gross, when we first moved to QLD I couldn’t get over how it was considered a standard salad item. It’s an optional extra people, not standard, it’s disgusting, it taints everything… *shudder*
Kyla @ Three Quarters Full recently posted..Gotta Have FaithMy Profile

    CJ (10 years ago)

    Indeed Kyla. I figure if my boobs haven’t dropped anywhere near my belly button at this age after four pregnancies, there’s little chance from here on in! :P
    And make that two *shudders* ;) x

Leigh (10 years ago)

Lovely to know more about you! I also own a Mac….. drives me NUTS!!!! xx
Leigh recently posted..Life IS what YOU make it!My Profile

    CJ (10 years ago)

    Thanks Leigh… And a huge OH YES on the Mac… *shakes head* xxx

Kylez @ A Study in Contradictions (10 years ago)

There are foods that I won’t eat and refuse to feed to Mia, I just can’t stomach them or seeing other people eat them. Like peas *shudder*.
Kylez @ A Study in Contradictions recently posted..Walking my Kitchen Masterchef DeadMy Profile

    CJ (10 years ago)

    Hearing you loud and clear Kylez! Miss 11 says I’m strange. Winning I say. ;) x

Mumabulous (10 years ago)

So you are a young looking D&D addict with a love of yoda. I’m keeping you away from my husband.
Mumabulous recently posted..Accidental WisdomMy Profile

    CJ (10 years ago)

    Hahahaha B! Thank you so much, I almost snorted coffee all over the screen! ;) xxx

Danya Banya (10 years ago)

Tinned beetroot is so, urgh, slimy. And trivial issues trivial smissues. :)
Danya Banya recently posted..And yet another Kindle Cover! For Miss Demeanour this time…My Profile

    CJ (10 years ago)

    True. On both accounts. :) xx

Rita (10 years ago)

I avoid bras as much as I can too! Great post!
Rita recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Cirque du SoleilMy Profile

    CJ (10 years ago)

    I’m an expert at avoiding them now Rita. Been doing it most of my life! ;) Thank you! x

Becc (10 years ago)

I relate to number 25 so much! I just wish my mind would stop making me feel guilty when my body isn’t working as well as it should :(
Becc @ Take Charge Now
Becc recently posted..Would you dare?My Profile

    CJ (10 years ago)

    Oh I know that ALL too well Becc! At least we aren’t alone! ;) xx

Jodii (10 years ago)

Oh I still love Wizz Fizz too!! I am lucky my kids are still too young to eat it, but it looks a little strange a grown adult buying Wizz Fizz for herself. :)
Jodii recently posted..What I Discovered #2My Profile

    CJ (10 years ago)

    I would argue on the looking strange bit Jodii! LOL ;) x

Twinkle in the Eye (10 years ago)

That was really interesting!

    CJ (10 years ago)

    Thanks Bree! x

Rachel @ The Kids Are All Right (10 years ago)

So many interesting points, not enough time to address them. But I will say, taking my kids to McDonalds is a treat for me – I don’t have to cook, and they can play while I get a break :) And these days, I choose the salad. Honest.
Rachel @ The Kids Are All Right recently posted..Putting a square family in a round holeMy Profile

    CJ (10 years ago)

    Sure Rachel… mind you, we’re in Sydney this weekend, I’m sure we’ll manage to avoid all McDonalds we can. ;) xx

Janet @ Redland City Living (10 years ago)

Lovely to get to know you better Carmen! Oh how I wish I had nails like yours … so not fair!
Janet @ Redland City Living recently posted..Riding for the DisadvantagedMy Profile

    CJ (10 years ago)

    Thanks Janet! A lot of people envy my nails, which is amusing since I barely give them a second thought! ;) xx

Grace (10 years ago)

You’re all sorts of awesomesauce, CJ! Geek and all! :) I had a giggle at #1. Heh. :) x
Grace recently posted..Facebook Lovin’ Sunday – 17/02My Profile

    CJ (10 years ago)

    Naww thanks Grace! Must be my all sorts of awesomesauce friends. ;)
    #1 is my favourite! xxx

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