10 Activities you can do whilst confined to the couch…

* Direct household chores… make sure you still have the freedom of movement to be able duck and weave if attempting… *whistle*

* Repair any shirts that require buttons sewn onto… if you have someone else to supply you with required items nicely. :P

* Answer the phone… if you have mobile reception in the house… or the handset to the landline within reach… 8-)

* Menu plan.  This works well if you have a working knowledge of the food content of the kitchen/fridge/panty… oops.

* Edit ALL the photos.  As long as you own a laptop.  With your pictures and editing software installed.  Be warned if there are 16,438 of them though… *thud*

* Shop online.  *Ahem, I only “screen shopped” – so I’d like an electric scooter, a new f/2.8 24-70 ii lens, a onesie (not sure what type) and…  that should do for today. ;)

* Budget.  If you have to.  I’m not saying I did… just saying you can!

* Install any software required on available devices… again, not one I can confess to… but perhaps I should do…

*  Research/Plan/Book your escape… ummm any future holidays/stays away from home in advance.  For once. :roll:

* Snuggle each of the children when they arrive home, because you missed them so much.  Required: Agreeable children. :lol:

Are you cool enough to #IBOT today?


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Rhianna (8 years ago)

Hope you are healing well lovely. Good luck with the photo editing as well, man are they a lot of happy snaps you got going on there

And yes I so am cool enough to IBOT!

Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovley
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    CJ (8 years ago)

    Thanks hon! Much much better! ;) xx

workingwomenaus (8 years ago)

Oh being confined to the couch sucks! I tend to do very non-productive things like watch several seasons of Entourage ;) Hope you’re feeling better x
workingwomenaus recently posted..Not another diet – an 8 week long product review and a giveawayMy Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    I’m a terrible patient. I think ADHD is a curse sometimes as I detest staying in one place for long! Oops! xx

Rina (8 years ago)

My favorite activity of all when confined to the couch is sleeping…or you can watch tv along with commercials and then make fun of everything showing lol. I hope you feel better!
Rina recently posted..A Quick Note on TuesdayMy Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    I find television annoying! Mind you, I found lots more things to do… :) xx

Emily @ Have a laugh on me (8 years ago)

I know you probably hate being confined to couch and I’m sure it sucks ass, but I gotta say I would LOVE being confined to the couch, just for one day! xxx Get better soon CJ
Emily @ Have a laugh on me recently posted..It’s amazing what people look for on the internet and come across my blog!My Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    On the up and up now. I keep telling myself I am or I think I’ll go cray cray! ;) Thanks E! xxx

Me (8 years ago)

I hope that you are up and about soon. I have spent a fair bit of time lately confined to the couch, not because I am sick/recovering but because I am so tired all I can do is sleep most of the time !!
Take care and get better soon !
Love, hugs and positive energy !
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    CJ (8 years ago)

    Up and down, up and down… blood pressure dictates how long I stay in one place. Hope you find that energy soon so we can catch up! xxx

EssentiallyJess (8 years ago)

Hope you’re feeling better!
Sitting on a couch for an extended period always makes me feel cranky
EssentiallyJess recently posted..How To Rock a Blogging ConferenceMy Profile

    CJ (8 years ago)

    Very very VERY cranky… *sigh* Glad I’m not the only one Jess! ;) xxXOoo

BossyMummy (8 years ago)

You need Walkie talkies to direct the housework – the modern day version of the dinner bell. Hope you are feeling better :)

Hello from #teamIBOT

    CJ (8 years ago)

    Now THERE’S a thought! Thank you! ;) xxx

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