How to play Hide and Seek with an 18 year old…

Here’s to a slightly “wordy” Wordless Wednesday this week… in our world of mayhem. ;)





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He found us… eventually. *sigh* ;) 

Hanging out again with Trish:



& Ai!


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lisa (9 years ago)

Oh my God! So glad I am not up to the texting stage-how stressful..
lisa recently posted..Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    There is a sense of satisfaction at just how fun it is to annoy him these days sometimes Lisa! ;) x

Annaleis (9 years ago)

lol it’s amazing how many short texts are teenager will send isn’t it.
Annaleis recently posted..{Wordless Wednesday} A Night on the Town!My Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    True Annaleis! So glad I have unlimited texts on my plan to keep up. ;) xxx

Trish (9 years ago)

LOL my 19yr old is the same – one word texts and ?
Trish recently posted..Lego Ninjago – Temple of Light ~ GiveawayMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    Yes Trish! All the time! Oh well, sometimes we get a rare chance to get our own back. ;) xxx

Yvette @ Little Bento Blog (9 years ago)

crazy texting.. love fun texts like that!
Yvette @ Little Bento Blog recently posted..I tried a green smoothieMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    Certainly helped pass the time whilst waiting for the dentist with Master 5! :D x

Psych Babbler (9 years ago)

Lol!! Nice to have a laugh today!
Psych Babbler recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Linkin Park in ConcertMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    Plenty more where that came from! ;)
    Welcome to our crazy world! x

Alison (9 years ago)

That would drive me nuts!!
Alison recently posted..WW: But Wait – There’s More…My Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    If we did it more often (like when he still lived at home!) I’d agree with you Alison. ;) xx

Lisa@RandomActsOfZen (9 years ago)

Oh lovely, you DO make me smile x
Lisa@RandomActsOfZen recently posted..Happiness is…..My Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    Welcome to my crazy world Lisa! ;) x

Emily @ Have a laugh on me (9 years ago)

What a crack up I can’t wait til I can mess with my kids’ heads like that :) Thanks for the smile – Em
Emily @ Have a laugh on me recently posted..Why it pays to have a spare pair of knickers/clothes in the car – Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    Ahh it’s just… just SO fun Emily! You will love it! :D x

Kaz @ Melting Moments (9 years ago)

You are one patient lady! hehe.
Kaz @ Melting Moments recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Mogo ZooMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    My mother always said I have all the patience in the world… because I’ve never used any! ;) x

Tamara (9 years ago)

Oh my I have a tweenager and her phone seems to run red hot. The amount of txt I get just because she can and wants to use up the txt credit she has. Hmmm pity it also is a very good too for me to encourage good behaviour. I have her phone for two weeks.
Tamara recently posted..Wordless Wednesday 6 MarchMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    My Tween is the same Tamara! I am trying to walk the line in between there… but as for Master 18 – he pays his own bill… I’m not responsible for ANY of it! Win! :D x

Leovi (9 years ago)

Yes, very funny.

    CJ (9 years ago)

    Teens can be so much fun. ;) x

Tina´s PicStory (9 years ago)

looks familar to me :)
Tina´s PicStory recently posted..colors of spring 2013 # 2My Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    We are never alone Tina! :D

Debyl1 (9 years ago)

Love your cheeky way of making life fun.
My girl drives me mad with her txts…always leaving me needing to ask more as she answers with one word.When I do it back it drives her crazy.Ahh teenagers :)

    CJ (9 years ago)

    Thanks Deb! I have to amuse myself somehow! ;) xx

Janet @ Redland City Living (9 years ago)

Teenage torture! I love it!
Janet @ Redland City Living recently posted..Redland City Girl in NZMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    I’m lucky he’s so tolerant these days Janet! *phew* ;) x

Rita (9 years ago)

Haha! I had a good laugh reading these texts!
Rita recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – GraffitiMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    You should try being his mum Rita! ;) xx

veronica lee (9 years ago)

LOL! Too funny! Teenagers!!! Always a challenge to our parenting skills!
veronica lee recently posted..Celebrity NutsMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    Sometimes we need challenges! Thanks for stopping by! xxx

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