For this week…

I am thankful for:


Miss 11: Mum, may I have my new phone back please?  I washed up.
Me: I believe you need to earn it back hon, one session of washing up isn’t going to cut it.
Miss 11: *sigh* How much do I HAVE to do?
Me: Well perhaps you will need to earn the value of it so you can appreciate it.  What do you think?
Miss 11: *frowns* I think that sucks.
Master seven: I think you’re gonna be working FOR… EVER! :-P


A close family friend had a mishap whilst mowing a steep driveway early this week and had to spend a few nights in hospital and undergo some surgery on his head to insert a plate and some screws.
Master seven: Did the hospital have to peel his skin back to put them in?  That would be rather difficult wouldn’t it?  I hope he doesn’t do it again. :-o


Me: Who was cleaning this bit of the wall?
Master five: Not me.
Me: I thought this was part of your area?
Master five: Nah, I was waiting for the others to meet me in the middle… 8-O

Problem solving.

Master seven: Can I come home on Monday Mum?
Me: Sure, we’ll need to talk to Dad on Friday about that.
Master seven: Okay.  *to his sister* I’m coming home on Monday.
Miss 11: Then you’ll be missing out on Movie World on Tuesday.
Master seven: Darn it.
Master seven: Mum, can I come home on… umm… Wednesday?
Me: Sure but how about we make sure Dad is okay with that first?
Master seven: If you want but I’ll be home Wednesday anyway. 8-)

Our youngest.

Master five: In four days, I’m going to be SIX!
Me: I’m not sure about that.
Master five: Of course you are, you were there!
Me: But I might not remember…
Master five: Doesn’t matter, I’m still having that birthday. :-?


Thankful Thursday is hosted by the lovely Leigh at Six By the Bay. 

Stop by to see what everyone else is thankful for today!


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Min (9 years ago)

That is such a thoughtful post! I love how you have categorised the conversations and recognised them for what they are, and what cute conversations they are :-) xo
Min recently posted..365 Grateful – Day 181My Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    Thanks Min, welcome to a little more of the intrigue that is our family! :D xx

Me (9 years ago)

As always – the conversations in your family are cute and thought provoking !!!
I hope that your recovery is going well. Take care !
Love, hugs and positive energ.
Me recently posted..Thankful ThursdayMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    Thanks hon. Getting there as fast as I possibly can, I have the best support team EVER! ;) xx

Kylez @ A Study in Contradictions (9 years ago)

I love this! It put a smile on my face which is just what I needed!

    CJ (9 years ago)

    Anytime Kylie, my offspring are always great for a smile! Love to you! xxx

Leigh (9 years ago)

God love ‘em! Dont kids just keep it all real. My boy said on his 8th birthday…. “Ive been waiting 8 years for this”….. yep. Pointing out the obvious! Lovely to link up with you as always xxxxx
Leigh recently posted..Thankful Thursday – Just BecauseMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    We can always rely on them to make us smile Leigh! I miss them when they’re not around. ;) xxx

Rebecca (9 years ago)

This is so adorable!!
Rebecca recently posted..Mums Keeping it REAL – bloggy link up XMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    Thanks Rebecca! Welcome along! x

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