When life doesn’t quite go to plan…

My least favourite place is at the doctors’.  Not just my doctor but any doctor/medical practitioner/specialist.  Particularly the gynaecologist.  Whom, funnily enough, I’ve known the longest.  15 years to be precise and he’s not that bad as doctors go.  Or I wouldn’t still be attending his offices mostly voluntarily… :P

Yesterday was my follow up six week surgical appointment.  Ugh. :-?
The news was (as I was already aware) that everything was perfectly “fine”.  Tubes blocked, no missing or loose items and a perfectly healthy looking reproductive system.  Yay. :-|

I guess I could be angry… or frustrated I had to go through the procedure, deal with reactions to new drugs (yes, I had to add another to my extensive list :roll: ), watch as my body rejected internal “dissolve-able” stitches, deal with low blood pressure and slowly recover… for… well essentially to find myself back where I started.  Seemly just fine.

So how did I get “Here”?  A CT scan that showed an anomaly was the beginning.  Regardless of how or why, it’s done now.
That said, my specialist was able to fill in a few queries I had about other symptoms.  Even if he regards me as too young to start thinking of menopause yet. :)  Solutions might have been better but I certainly didn’t expect them.  I know better.

After years in the hospital system with my son, I’m well aware of the limitations of medical imaging.  Doctors are too but it’s sometimes all they have to go on.

Ultimately I’m thankful that:

1. We have a medical system available to us.

2. I am “okay” at least as far as that surgery could see.  No growths, no damage or issues that could be found, just as I expected. :-)

3. My care was exemplary.  Considering the circumstances, I was treated with a lot of compassion.

4. Whilst the procedure didn’t find a cause for my issues, it DID rule out a large number of other possible conditions.

5. We *may* have found an anaesthesia that my body can mostly tolerate.  Finally.  8-)

6. I don’t feel I am any worse off than I was before the event.

7.  The other half is now under absolutely no illusions about whether I cope with the world of medicine…

So we are still none the wiser overall but that isn’t all bad.  It seems there is plenty more road to follow… so I guess I’ll get on with that. ;)

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Janet @ Redland City Living (9 years ago)

Sorry to hear that you don’t have answers yet, but it sounds like you have been in good hands xxx
Janet @ Redland City Living recently posted..Redundancy – 6 months onMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    Sometimes I wonder if we will get the answers otherwise, we just keep on keeping on… only one direction to go and that’s forward!
    Thanks Janet. xx

Miss Cinders (9 years ago)

The upside and the BIG one… is that the anaesthesia was kind of okay *nods*

Apart from that *sigh* answers are always nice when you have to endure crappy procedures that you know are going to make your body even more upset… definitive answers would have been nice :)

Major bonus, you survived. AND THAT is the most important part :)

MC x
Miss Cinders recently posted..we all survived the holidays. mission complete.My Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    True hon, it certainly helps that I’m still around to harass everyone. ;)

Francesca (9 years ago)

It’s a shame that you still don’t know the cause after having gone through all that. But, having other things ruled out is a positive :-)
Francesca recently posted..Francesca’s Festa of Favourites – May 2013My Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    No point being upset about what has been and done Francesca. There will always be positives and negatives so I’m just going to take the good. :)

Emily @ Have a laugh on me (9 years ago)

Sucks the not knowing but glad you came out the other end, and like you say at least you kinda knew what you were in for! Em
Emily @ Have a laugh on me recently posted..Nothing reeks of desperation more than a beer in your handbag!My Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    Indeed Em. And I’m still here. Watch out world! ;) x

Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit (9 years ago)

Love hearing the thanks in the midst of such a huge challenge. Can definitely help to keep your head above water. Hope you are ok?
Best wishes C. “Just keep on swimming, keep on swimming” (thanks Dory)
Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit
Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit recently posted..Day 1306 – KaleMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    I refuse to accept I’m not Leanne. :) One day at a time. :D

Lydia C. Lee (9 years ago)

Glad you are ok, and through the worst of it. As I’ve had a number of Dr’s say to me – there isn’t a pill that just fixes it (which I seem to still think they can just fix anything), and that medicine is a science of elimination. I have taken to “you’re a smart guy, work it out” which sends my dr into hysterics (as I’ve said before, I’m not the most mature or easy patient). But as 2 specialists have told me of late “This is just what happens as you get older, for some people. No one knows why”. So human bodies were probably meant to cease at 30, and now we run them til 80 or so…think of all the things that go wrong with a car when you run it for years…I am now a clapped out old Honda…(as specialists tell me at great expense)
Lydia C. Lee recently posted..What I learnt from Die Hard.My Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    I’d love to be 30 again! Why oh why do they all think we want a pill to cure everything? I’d just love the answers to start with! :D I must be running the same hardware as you!! ;)

Bachelormum (9 years ago)

Great attitude. Thank god for modern medicine even if it does sometimes appear confusing. You are strong xx
Bachelormum recently posted..Bachelormum Style blog has come into her ownMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    Thank you! Perhaps a little crazy too. It helps! :D xx

Rhianna (9 years ago)

That that you you are feeling not worse off and that by all accounts the surgery wasn’t a waste even if it didn’t provide you with the answers. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely
Rhianna recently posted..Nothing beats homemade chicken and vegetable soupMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    I don’t think anything is really a waste Rhianna. We do what we can to get through! :D xx

Kylez @ A Study in Contradictions (9 years ago)

It’s so frustrating not to get the answers when they are so sorely needed. But as you say, at least its ruled out a bunch of other stuff. I love that you are choosing to look at the positives, sometimes it’s all that we can do!
Kylez @ A Study in Contradictions recently posted..I think I can, I think I can. Ah bugger it, I can’t!My Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    Definitely a Dory moment… sometimes I just wish I had her short term memory to go with it though. ;) xx

Lisa Wood (9 years ago)

Sometimes life gives us things that does not make sense! And sometimes there is no answers, glad that you are OK, even if you are not sure what is going on :)
Lisa Wood recently posted..Robertson Cheese FactoryMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    I know I’m as okay as I can be thanks Lisa! As long as I wake up, there’s life to be lived! x

Rachel @ The Kids Are All Right (9 years ago)

That was a lovely thing to be able to say about the experience – that you received a lot of compassion from the medical staff. People don’t always feel that way going through the hospital system. Their jobs must be SO hard though.
Rachel @ The Kids Are All Right recently posted..Things I know this week that I didn’t know last weekMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    I know we tested them Rachel, to the limits and they passed in very difficult circumstances… very different to my previous experiences. Grateful. :) x

Trish (9 years ago)

I am glad you are ok and worst things were ruled out.
We have a great medical system for the most part in Australia.
I hope you get some answers soon.
Thank you for your comment too xo
Trish recently posted..Things that make me uncomfortableMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    I have to agree Trish, more tests/procedures are scheduled but ultimately, it’s a difficult one with my intolerances and lack of willingness to take medications means we’re just looking for causes. But that’s streets ahead of where we are now. xxx

Sabeen (9 years ago)

Never easy not knowing the answers you need, you are very strong for looking at the positives xx
Sabeen recently posted..{Wordless Wednesday} Make Today Count.My Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    Thanks Sabeen. x

Becc (9 years ago)

I went through so many years of not being diagnosed. The money I spent, the number of surgeries and the whole depression thingy. I understand how very frustrating and debilitating the whole process is.
Keep at it, and research for yourself. I used to drive my Doctors mad with my latest research, but in the end it was me who chose the right path to go down.
You have many things to be grateful for and acknowledging that is fantastic. Well done you :)
Becc recently posted..Eye Popping!My Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    I so get it Becc, firstly for my eldest son and now for me. I get researched out… and I’m sure the other half is on overload at times because of it! *sigh*

Grace (9 years ago)

Ugh, I hate it when there are no answers. But you’ve come out very positive about it and like you said, thank goodness we have a medical system available to us.
Sending big hugs, CJ x
Grace recently posted..FYBF – The Stay-cationMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    I always say if you’re flat on your back, the only way to go is the way you’re facing – UP! ;)
    Thanks Grace! xxx

Leigh (9 years ago)

Silver lining is no bad news I guess. Its so hard as we get older that bits and pieces just arent as reliable as they have been…. Hope all resolves for you soon xxx
Leigh recently posted..My Top 5 – A weekly roundup!My Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    I’m just going to pretend all is just fine… and that I’m not getting that much older… for at least a little while longer. ;) Thanks Leigh! xxXOoo

Kyla @ Three Quarters Full (9 years ago)

Argh, investigation with no answers is always so frustrating and add that to your other issues and you must have had a terrible time of it. I admire the fact that you can look on the bright side. So much of medicine these days seems like guesswork, rule out one of the many options and head back to the drawingboard. I really hope that the lack of answers can at least lead the doctors in the right direction for you.
Kyla @ Three Quarters Full recently posted..Mother’s MayMy Profile

    CJ (9 years ago)

    Perhaps I’ll continue to do my usual “baffle them” trick because of the sheer complications? Any day I wake up, I know I’m already ahead though. ;) xxx

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