Interview with… {Take 2}

Just in case you’ve been eagerly awaiting installment two, here is today’s interview subject, Miss 11!
She met this challenge with a wrinkled nose and a toss of her red hair.  Just as she does with life.  Yay!

*Please note, no children were harmed in the interviewing process… I promise!  ;)

If you were a movie character, which one would it be?
Miss 11: This is kinda weird. Wait! Everyone’s been asking me this at school! Fin off Adventure Time.

*Hmm we obviously don’t watch enough movies or televison!*

Why are manhole covers round?
Miss 11: Because they had pipes through them?

*A certain amount of logic there… I guess… *

What is your favorite drink?
Miss 11: Sunkist

*The things you learn… when you don’t feed your children this stuff! :P*

What is your favorite movie song?
Miss 11: Adventure Time theme song.

*Told you… no sense of television, movie or… or whatever here!  Oh well. ;)*

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?
Miss 11: How many? Shape-shifting, Transportation. Is that even a power? Evaporate! No wait, sorry! Apparate!

*I only wish I could have videoed this as she jumped up, raced to the bookshelf, searched for the Harry Potter books and flipped through one… for reals!*

If you won $20 million in the lottery, what would you do with the money?
Miss 11: I’d buy a mansion, I’d buy a Ferrari, I’d buy servants… butlers and maids and stuff and I would buy a theatre room.

*Excellent… she wants to bring slavery back?  Gosh, I hope not! 8-O *

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Miss 11: I’m a girl.


What do you like about camping?
Miss 11: Is this for my Camp Quality? I like marshmallows on the fire, I like camping out in a tent and bananas and chocolate!

*Tomboy *cough cough*

What is your favourite food?
Miss 11: Chocolate

*Yes, another one!  Still teaching them right! :) *

What is your favourite game?
Miss 11: Errrrrrrr umm UMMMM Scribblenauts!

*Why, thank you for that!*

Another crazy Mayhem post for Jess and #IBOT!


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Lydia C. Lee (7 years ago)

I loved the theme song for Lance Link Secret Chimp as a kid, so I will pay her the Adventure time theme song…
Lydia C. Lee recently posted..Schizer! (I apologise to any German speakers)My Profile

    CJ (7 years ago)

    She will so love you forever! ;) x

Me (7 years ago)

LOL – love it !
Have a great week !
Me recently posted..Does My Butt Look Big In This ?My Profile

    CJ (7 years ago)

    Thanks hon! xxXOoo

meagan (7 years ago)

hahaha gah i love kids and their replies to things! Youve got many, so i’ll be reading all the installments haha

    CJ (7 years ago)

    There are plenty to come Meagan! ;) xx

Jenni @ Mothers Are Leaders (7 years ago)

Brilliant! Must try this with some of my brood, Master 6 could be very entertaining :)
Jenni @ Mothers Are Leaders recently posted..Delegating chores: 5 steps to successMy Profile

    CJ (7 years ago)

    Ooh I can’t wait to post our Master six’s responses… LOL! Welcome along! ;) x

Danya Banya (7 years ago)

What on earth is Scribblenauts? Perhaps I’ve been hiding under my rock for too long…
Danya Banya recently posted..A Letter to JJ (3 years)My Profile

    CJ (7 years ago)

    It’s a puzzle action video game available for Nintendo and other platforms these days. Slightly addictive if you’re wondering. ;) x

EssentiallyJess (7 years ago)

Your kids are so awesome :)
EssentiallyJess recently posted..A Wisdomous WeekMy Profile

    CJ (7 years ago)

    Shh Jess, don’t tell her that! ;) xxx

BossyMummy (7 years ago)

“I’m a girl” – love this answer and what it says about her personality. Well played Miss 11, well played :)

Martine@themodernparent (7 years ago)

Great idea and gorgeous answers

Emily @ Have a laugh on me (7 years ago)

Gotta say CJ – these are great – I have a big smile on my face, not only for her answers but for ‘your’ answers! :)
p.s feed those kids some more CHOCOLATE!
Emily @ Have a laugh on me recently posted..The movies – a place where you can undo your pants and enjoy two hours of pleasure!My Profile

sooky (7 years ago)

Man I LOVE your kids!

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