How to mix a family…


2 Adults (okay, for the purpose of this post, we are going to pretend we are… right?  RIGHT. :P )
with 4 children each…
6 Boys (various ages, sizes and attitudes)
2 young ladies (as above… *sigh*)

As much time as you can make
A large dash of hope
Large helping of respect
Numerous cups of acceptance
Endless patience
Lashings of forgiveness
Bucket loads of caring
Boundless love
Plenty of flexibility
Infinite humour

Place into an appropriate household together gently.
Stir gently and watch carefully as it grows.
Remember to stop and enjoy at every possible opportunity.
Laugh lots.
Play together.
Know each other.

Repeat constantly.

Serve with a generous dollop of wit and garnish with plenty of creativity.
Enjoy. ;)

How’s your #IBOT going today? 8-)

school holidays…

“Please try and get along.”

Responses *all at once*:
Miss 11: We are!
Master 10: This isn’t fighting.
Master 8: Oh.
Master 7: Heeeeyyyyaaaah!!
Master 6: *dramatically throws himself on the ground howling*

“Put your clothes away.”

Responses *all at once*:
Miss 11: but I folded them!
Master 10: OH kay!
Master 8: huh?
Master 7: I’m not allowed to!
Master 6: somebody help me!!!

“Put a jumper on.”

Responses *all at once*:
Miss 11: Whhhhhyyyyyy? Mine are all dirty…
Master 10: I’m not cold.
Master 8: what?
Master 7: I can’t find one!
Master 6: I already DID!

“Off to bed.”

Responses *all at once*:
Miss 11: It’s too early!
Master 10: I’m not tired!
Master 8: But!!
Master 7: Okay – then I’m first for the toilet!
Master 6: I’m FIRST!!  *tears down hallway to beat his brother*

“Calm down.”

Responses *YOU guessed it! All at once!*:
Miss 11: We did.
Master 10: This IS calm.
Master 8: Ummm…
Master 7: NOOO!


Yes, I know it’s definitely school holidays again!  What do you know this week?
Oh and stop by Miss Cinders blog to link up and see what she knows. ;)

And yes, I’m blog flogging with Grace and #FYBF again too!

Interview with… {Take 4}

We couldn’t leave out Master six… not even for a second!   Mind you, he was answering questions faster than he was being asked!  ADHD for the win!
Mind you, he just wanted to be interviewed because it looked like fun… :-D

If you were a movie character, which one would it be?
Master six: Peter Pan because he has a little sword and he beats Hook.

*Why thank you son… no swords for you.

Why are manhole covers round?
Master six: Because a person is round.

*Hmm, true true!  This lad is smarter than we give him credit for. ;)

What is your favorite drink?
Master six: Hot chocolate.

*It’s that chocolate theme again! 8-O

What is your favorite movie song?
Master six: I love Rock and Roll.

*Okay… Joan Jett… not sure on the movie though…

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?
Master six: Astroboy powers like boosters.

*I like your style young man… Astro is one of my favourites!  No, really! 8-)

If you won $20 million in the lottery, what would you do with the money?
Master six: Spend it. On umm wings. For my skates.

*A simple lad with simple needs!  Perhaps he needs new skates first but we won’t tell him that. :P

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Master six: Cute, ummm I don’t know, noisy and loud.

*Well, yes!  I guess someone listens in this house occasionally!  :roll:

What do you like about camping?
Master six: That we can sleep over. Having a campfire. Making damper.

*This boy is a camping dream… he loves getting dirty.  Not so keen on the getting clean part… or going home though. Hmm.

What is your favourite food?
Master six: Creme caramel and chocolate. Oh and sushi.

*Definitely one of my children… I love sushi. ;)

What is your favourite game?
Master six: Skylanders and lego games. And Dungeon. ALL of the ones!

*Of course… and he would happily play all three; at once.  <sigh>