How to be bold and vibrant…

The bit where I give away my secrets… well at least the ones involved in creating amazing coloured hair … and keeping it that way longer.   The way my children seem to recognise me now. :)

Required items are:

Hair dye/s – Our brands of choice are Manic Panic® and Directions, depending on the shade or colour required.  We have been known to mix our brands as well at times… well not literally but different colours by different brands.  Just to be a rebel. :mrgreen:
These dyes are semi permanents!
White vinegar (we use half cup mixed with the same of water)
Cape/covers for clothing whilst dying hair.
Gloves to protect hands from being dyed – unless you don’t mind have rainbow coloured fingers. :)
Applicator brush and bowl
A wide toothed comb
Hair dryer (and power outlet)
Shower cap or cling wrap (if you prefer)
Plenty of old towels you don’t mind being dyed… possibly.
Natural hair conditioner

*You should do a skin patch test prior to dyeing in case of an allergic reaction.  If you react in any way, please do not use the dyes and seek medical advice. Yes, I am serious. *waggles finger*

1. Have your natural hair colour lightened as close to platinum blonde as you dare.  I strongly recommend you have a qualified professional do this job to avoid any near disasters, like melted hair or worse.  Yes, it really IS a thing. :P   The lighter the hair, the stronger the depth of colour.   Mine is usually still rather yellowy (due to those wonderful Asian genetics of mine :roll: ) and we still get a fairly good coverage of dye.

2. Rinse hair with vinegar and warm water.  This makes the hair follicle as porous as possible!

3. Towel dry hair as much as possible until hair is only just damp.

4. Cover your clothing etc as much as possible to prevent being accidentally dyed. :)

5. Preferably have a friend, partner, teenage daughter (if she is trustworthy ;) ) or such to help with applying the hair dye.

6. Carefully apply enough dye to the lightened area/s with an applicator brush.  I have never found any reason to actively avoid the scalp with the dye, it seems to come out easily and is gentle enough that it doesn’t irritate my skin.  And that says a lot. Comb through the hair until the dye noticeably froths. :-)

7. Rinse bowl, brush and comb for each colour.   Repeat for each area to be coloured.

8. Use a hair dryer on medium to heat the dyed sections of hair evenly for a short period of time.  Please use the appliance as recommended.

9. Place a shower cap over the dyed hair (or wrap the hair with cling wrap) to keep the heat in. Leave for as long as possible.  Usually we manage an hour or two but longer will give better lasting effects.   Less than an hour and our results tend to be short lived but still eye catching.

10. Remove shower cap and rinse hair under warm water until the water runs clear.

11. Towel dry as much as possible and apply a small amount of conditioner to all of your hair by hand.  Massage into the hair thoroughly.  Do not panic if you think there is a little too much, all will be fine!  Do not rinse out the conditioner.

12. Dry hair again using hair dryer and style as required.   Yes, with the conditioner in your hair.  It’s all good.  Really. :D

13. Apply conditioner every couple of days.  I find an application like this can withstand one or two good washes before reapplication of dye is required.

Using these tips means my hair is extremely hard to miss.  Be prepared for endless smiles and compliments from others.  In the least expected situations and times.  Sometimes, you’ll even wonder what is going on but you’ll work it out quickly because you will certainly stand out from the crowd!

It’s certainly fun to be different.  And it makes it darn near impossible to get through a day without smiling.

*My usual combination of colours is:  Shocking blue, Atomic Turquoise, Ultraviolet and Purple Haze.

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It’s Roller Derby – but not as we know it…

Welcome to the world of Junior Roller Derby:

Skills... this young lady sure has them!

Skills… this young lady sure has them!




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When life doesn’t quite go to plan…

My least favourite place is at the doctors’.  Not just my doctor but any doctor/medical practitioner/specialist.  Particularly the gynaecologist.  Whom, funnily enough, I’ve known the longest.  15 years to be precise and he’s not that bad as doctors go.  Or I wouldn’t still be attending his offices mostly voluntarily… :P

Yesterday was my follow up six week surgical appointment.  Ugh. :-?
The news was (as I was already aware) that everything was perfectly “fine”.  Tubes blocked, no missing or loose items and a perfectly healthy looking reproductive system.  Yay. :-|

I guess I could be angry… or frustrated I had to go through the procedure, deal with reactions to new drugs (yes, I had to add another to my extensive list :roll: ), watch as my body rejected internal “dissolve-able” stitches, deal with low blood pressure and slowly recover… for… well essentially to find myself back where I started.  Seemly just fine.

So how did I get “Here”?  A CT scan that showed an anomaly was the beginning.  Regardless of how or why, it’s done now.
That said, my specialist was able to fill in a few queries I had about other symptoms.  Even if he regards me as too young to start thinking of menopause yet. :)  Solutions might have been better but I certainly didn’t expect them.  I know better.

After years in the hospital system with my son, I’m well aware of the limitations of medical imaging.  Doctors are too but it’s sometimes all they have to go on.

Ultimately I’m thankful that:

1. We have a medical system available to us.

2. I am “okay” at least as far as that surgery could see.  No growths, no damage or issues that could be found, just as I expected. :-)

3. My care was exemplary.  Considering the circumstances, I was treated with a lot of compassion.

4. Whilst the procedure didn’t find a cause for my issues, it DID rule out a large number of other possible conditions.

5. We *may* have found an anaesthesia that my body can mostly tolerate.  Finally.  8-)

6. I don’t feel I am any worse off than I was before the event.

7.  The other half is now under absolutely no illusions about whether I cope with the world of medicine…

So we are still none the wiser overall but that isn’t all bad.  It seems there is plenty more road to follow… so I guess I’ll get on with that. ;)

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