So you asked about Roller Derby…

You may have seen some of my posts mention Roller Derby. 

Perhaps you’ve even spotted a photograph or two of mine (or one of my very talented colleagues’) of the sport. 

Maybe you’d even like to watch/join/play if there are any leagues locally.  I think I can help there. ;)

The version we play (in the leagues I have followed to date) in Australia is Flat Track Roller Derby which is sanctioned by the Womens Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) in the US.  Go check out the rulebook – it’s scary long.  Don’t be put off by that though, you will learn them as you go along.  Trust me. :P

Just in case though, here is a basic run down:

Full Credit to Hammer City Roller Girls for the video.

The rules have changed slightly since this video was made but you’ll get the general idea.

Another comprehensive explanation of the game basics can be found courtesy of the wonderful Canberra Roller Derby League. :)

There are many leagues within Australia, Roller Derby IS the fastest growing sport in the world!  Why?  Because it has something for everyone.  Speed, athleticism, tactics, teamwork, stamina and endurance… and then there is the culture and community.  A very strong community that stretches worldwide.

Within Australia, information on finding leagues – or even local bouts and last weekend’s scores, can found on Roller Derby AU.   Indeed there are also men’s and junior leagues around the country too – so no one should need miss out on the fun! :mrgreen:

I recommend looking up your local league, finding an event to wander along (you’ll be welcome and so will the rest of the family!), dress up if it’s a themed bout and soak up some of the atmosphere.  I would hazard a bet that there’s an event happening not so far away from you, this weekend.

You never know… you might even find yourself signing up for Fresh Meat one day. 8-)


Plus don’t forget to say hi if you see a photographer there, they are all pretty cool people! Really. :D

Perhaps you may even get to bump into me… I’ll be the one with the short cropped hair with blue and purple highlights, carrying around a camera.  A rather large one. :P

Oh… and my photos can be found at my link –


The amazing Penergy of Canberra Roller Derby League.

The amazing Penergy of Canberra Roller Derby League.

Hopefully, one day I’ll get to snap you around the track too. ;)

Derby love to all and Happy #IBOT!

You know you’re a Roller Derby Photographer when:

They are an international symbol, in every bout held around the world. :)
How do I know?
A few of us have been brainstorming…  so this is dedicated to my fellow “togs”. ;)

  • You watch the Dust Bowl Championships live on DNN and try to yell at the cameraman to pan to the right so you can see the photographers taking the group shot clearly… so you can see who was there.
  • You are happy to be able shoot under 3200 ISO.
  • You get a message 10 minutes after the bout asking when the photos will be posted…
  • You meet a bunch of other Photographers that are actually nice people willing to give advice and help you get better!
  • You commonly hug sweaty women that are wearing fishnets and your wife doesn’t get mad.
  • You have just as many bruises as the skaters.
  • You use your right eye to shoot, and never close your left eye.
  • You use lens hoods indoors in the feeble hopes that they will stop a skate to the front lens element when sitting in the crash zone.
  • You pack your knee pads with your camera gear… just in case!
  • You shoot for 12 hours and forget to eat.
  • Your suitcase is full of camera gear and t-shirts and not much else.
  • You know your favorite skaters by just seeing their skates. And you know which ones skate with their tongue out most of the time.
  • You take 2 or 3 meetings to recognize someone without their helmet on.
  • Everyone knows who you are by name but for you most of the time you rack your brain trying to remember their derby name or real name or facebook name and end up saying ‘HI!’
  • You have more rechargeable batteries than Walmart does.
  • You always take pictures of the other photographers taking pictures – and you post them.
  • Girls you barely know ask you to take pictures of their butts.
  • The novelty of having a derby girl land in your lap has worn off and you are more worried about your gear or whether you got the shot that caused the fall.
  • You put the camera manufacturer’s shutter longevity claims to the test.
  • Your “other” photo gigs get confusing.. as you look for something to happen at any second.. which is silly when you are shooting a home interior.
  • Your daughter is skating down the hallway and jumps as she reaches the lounge room and you are torn between telling her off and telling her to wait until you get your camera so she can do it again…
  • Photographing a wedding you refer to the group shots as “shooting the pack”.
  • You have enough photos of ref butts to set up a fetish site.
  • You have used your ‘Derby’ name at derby events for so long, you don’t recognise your real name being called out.
  • You refer to the entire day before a bout as “battery charging day”.
  • You end up taking more ibuprofen than the skaters do.
  • You’re having such a good time at a tournament sitting with your team & watching other teams bout that you *only* take 1000 photos.
  • You realize you’ve spent more money in flashes and batteries than some skaters have spent on their cars.
  • You post a pic on Facebook and get three likes, then a skater makes it her profile picture and it gets 117.
  • You know player numbers as well as the refs.
  • You see a hit heading right to you and you shoot until the last moment when you just move your camera to the side and take a skate to the junk.
  • You can’t remember the last time you went out for Happy hour that was not at a sponsor’s bar and did not have rollergirls present.
  • You schedule family vacations to line up with tournaments you’re shooting. “Honey, kids, this year we are vacationing in Oregon!”

**Credit for creative genius goes to:  TJ Chase, Bob Dunnell, Cory Layman, James McDaniel, Gunther Hang, Felicia Graham, Natalie Barovsky, David Costa, Michael Wise II, Erik Cherchio, Rod Noendeng, LeVar Hurtin, Kim Lee, Steve Sharkey Mancini, Richard Kimbrough, Ron Horton, Daniel Whittaker, Jim Lee, Bill Smotrilla, Allyson O’Keefe,  Phil Petersen, Keith Dangerously StanleyJoe Schwartz, Nick Nav Sullivan, and any of the other amazing artistes with some input!

I’m back for #IBOT again!

For this week…

I am thankful for:


Miss 11: Mum, may I have my new phone back please?  I washed up.
Me: I believe you need to earn it back hon, one session of washing up isn’t going to cut it.
Miss 11: *sigh* How much do I HAVE to do?
Me: Well perhaps you will need to earn the value of it so you can appreciate it.  What do you think?
Miss 11: *frowns* I think that sucks.
Master seven: I think you’re gonna be working FOR… EVER! :-P


A close family friend had a mishap whilst mowing a steep driveway early this week and had to spend a few nights in hospital and undergo some surgery on his head to insert a plate and some screws.
Master seven: Did the hospital have to peel his skin back to put them in?  That would be rather difficult wouldn’t it?  I hope he doesn’t do it again. :-o


Me: Who was cleaning this bit of the wall?
Master five: Not me.
Me: I thought this was part of your area?
Master five: Nah, I was waiting for the others to meet me in the middle… 8-O

Problem solving.

Master seven: Can I come home on Monday Mum?
Me: Sure, we’ll need to talk to Dad on Friday about that.
Master seven: Okay.  *to his sister* I’m coming home on Monday.
Miss 11: Then you’ll be missing out on Movie World on Tuesday.
Master seven: Darn it.
Master seven: Mum, can I come home on… umm… Wednesday?
Me: Sure but how about we make sure Dad is okay with that first?
Master seven: If you want but I’ll be home Wednesday anyway. 8-)

Our youngest.

Master five: In four days, I’m going to be SIX!
Me: I’m not sure about that.
Master five: Of course you are, you were there!
Me: But I might not remember…
Master five: Doesn’t matter, I’m still having that birthday. :-?


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