Who are we?

Purple lover, healer, soul singer, nurturer, guide, intuitive, nourisher, challenger, fixer upper, kisser betterer, juggler, believer, faith restorer, guide, taxi driver, entertainer, time manager, coordinator, referee, sometime conflict resolution officer, personal assistant and amongst others, guardian entrusted to 4 precious and very individual beings.

Our life together is vibrantly colourful, eclectically simple and regularly offbeat. Take some time out to ponder my latest lessons – as taught by my offspring!

We have had numerous challenges thrown at us at times and yet are still here. It’s been an amazing journey so far… and there is much much more to come. ;)

I try to raise my children with love, faith, simplicity and a LOT of humour. If I can’t find any of that I tend to wing it….. :P

Welcome to my world!

Hang on to your hats!

Character analysis:

Master 18: My eldest lad, “quirkyagainstallodds” rare childhood cancer survivor, Aspie protege, computer and online focussed son who rarely looks back… has the driest sense of humour and loves outwitting opponents, both verbally and in platform game version. He flexed his wings and flew the nest in February to find the world. We keep in contact weekly to see how the world is finding him. ;)

Miss 16: An amazing young lady with a great talent for singing… my awesome stepdaughter… so wonderful, you wish she was yours. Truly. And I’m not biased at all. She also loves electronic gadgets. Unless they’re not working. 8-)

Miss 11: Our diva-in-training. Has a loud opinion on everything and she’s unlikely to change it. Drama is her middle name. She has been labeled gifted (she wanted one to match her brothers…) and is learning to play the violin. Red-headed, Emo black and Doc Martens wearing dear daughter. Well at least she’s original. :D

Master seven: Second “Aspie” son. Computers, lego, iPad… none of which are a challenge! The child who’s needed to wear glasses since he was five months old to correct an eye… with a mind of it’s own. :roll: He has a unique perception of the world and sees our home as “somewhere not too far from Hogwarts”… or “Andy’s House”. I’m not sure which exactly I prefer. :lol:

Master six: Our resident blonde cyclone. Accident prone and who knows where his volume switch is. Also an incurable clown who just can’t help himself. This little man is living life to the fullest… and at full throttle. Just as well he’s really cute… and cuddly when he’s tired! :-)

Chaos: My soulmate and “other-half”. Hanging out somewhere between disorganisation, indecisiveness and being on top… of the washing pile. And keeping me sane… well at least a tiny skerrick of it anyway. We can pretend. ;)

Me: Slightly offbeat, budget dictator, household CEO (any excuse to filter my calls!) and daydreamer. I love to make others smile… or laugh. Always. :-P